4th - 5th grade Return to Campus (Group A)


After exploration of various creative models, LWSD settled on AB/AB hybrid model (Group A Monday and Thursday mornings; Group B Tuesday and Friday) with students receiving In-Person instruction two mornings a week following the same start and end times as Kindergarten and First grades. At-home learning will occur the other three days a week.  Our ability to implement other created solutions was limited by physical distancing protocols, health and safety requirements, transportation hurdles, staffing resources, and financial considerations.

Lake Washington School District will continue the staggered return of students beginning March 18-19 (AB) for second and third grade and March 29-30 (AB) for fourth and fifth grade following a phased in approach in accordance with public health guidance. We know that families and staff need dates and details to plan for this transition. Together, we are working to meet that need and release information. Based on survey data from families, approximately half of our students will remain in remote learning. Class rosters will be adjusted to meet health considerations, staffing availability, and family requests for in-person or remote learning. Like the return of kindergarten and first grade, second through fifth grade students will participate in asynchronous learning for a week prior to the return date. District administration and building principals will send additional information to families as it becomes available.

more info: https://www.lwsd.org/pathway-forward

Monday, March 29, 2021