A school thrives most when the community comes together and gets involved. The best way to be involved is by staying informed, being engaged, and volunteering your time. For in-person volunteering, you must be an approved volunteer through Lake Washington School District (LWSD). Click here to apply if you are not currently an approved volunteer.


Below are the current open positions:

To learn more about any of these open positions, please reach out to president@agbellptsa.org


Other ways to get involved:


There are so many ways YOU can have a positive impact and make a difference:

Please go to My Forms and Paperwork to see a list of all the ways you can get involved. 100% of our advocacy work and programs (whether it be for community building, educational enrichment, or giving back to our community) require volunteers. None of this is possible without community members getting involved.



Do you have an idea or an event/program you'd like to bring to Bell? If so, we want to hear about it. 

Email us at feedback@agbellptsa.org





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